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Name:Stiles Stilinski
Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America

This is a future!Stiles journal for a TeenWolf AU verse where the fire never happened, he thought he found the love of his life in Cora Hale, but as they left for college she pushed him away because she felt he was tying himself down to her. A series of bad choices later left a divorced Stiles returning to Beacon Hills after his wife left him and their three and a half year old daughter Claudia Marie in a pile of debt and broken hearts.

Can he find himself again and move past the pain when all his friends have moved on, married and are connected to the Hale wolves in ways that make it painful for him to be in town since he is still in love with Cora, or will the youngest Hale finally realize what she gave up and work to repair the fading spark within the one who loved her more than anyone could?

this is an RP journal for a character from MTV's Teen Wolf series. No money is being made from this journal. Just a lot of pain and feels. Also, not Dylan O'Brien.
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